Moving – what to keep in mind?

One of the most important decisions that everyone makes is the move. Sometimes it can mean a change of residence within a city, and sometimes it even means leaving the country. A person who has decided to make a decision to move out must remember that because of this huge amount of hard work awaits her, and this undertaking will significantly affect its further fate. It is not important whether this person is a student or a person set up to move – there are the same amount of work and things to do every time.

Everything you need to know before moving

przeprowadzkiThe key to success and achieving a successful and trouble-free removal is to plan the activities properly, detailing each type of activity. It is worth dividing them into those that should be done before, during and immediately after changing the place of residence. As a planner, we can use a simple piece of paper, a special diary or even a cellular device. It doesn’t really matter in what form everything will be written out, the most important thing is that there are key activities and things to do. It is also important that the action plan is transparent and legible. Even if the thought of moving overwhelms us, you should not be afraid of its course. You can always ask your friends or close family for help. Their support will certainly be extremely helpful and useful. Changing the place of residence is a great and important step in everyone’s life.

Moving action – what should you remember about?

When creating your relocation plan, it is worth modifying it according to your needs. There are, however, some aspects and activities that should be on everyone’s list, whether they are students or parents with children. The basic tasks to be completed include:

  • selection of clothes and everyday items – about two months before moving in, you should start sorting clothing and other items at home, e.g. dishes or interior design elements. For this purpose, you can put them up for sale or give them to friends or those in need. Thanks to this, when transferring the contents of the apartment to a new apartment, we will save not only a lot of time, but also nerves,
  • using detergents, cosmetics and other cleaning products about two months before moving – this allows you to minimize the amount of items that you will need to take with you,
  • finding a moving company – not everyone decides to take this step, however if you want to use such services it is worth booking a date about 2 months before moving,
  • preparation of an accurate plan – this should be done first. This will allow you to properly plan your tasks and make sure you don’t forget to settle the basic matters related to changing your place of residence,
  • informing about the change of residence address of institutions and enterprises, as well as friends (about a month before moving),
  • supplying with the materials necessary to store and secure items that we take to a new apartment (cartons, bags, adhesive tapes, etc.),
  • packing (about two weeks before moving house) – in this case it is worth packing with “rooms”, i.e. sign boxes with the name of the room for which the things inside are intended for,
  • arranging a pet or child sitter on the last days of moving,
  • emptying the fridge a few days before moving house,
  • preparation of hand luggage for the first days in a new home,
  • returning borrowed items,

The day before or on the day of moving, remember:

  • taking the keys to both the new and old apartment with you,
  • charging the battery in the phone, laptop and other electronic equipment,
  • taking documents with you,
  • preparing something to eat and drink,
  • taking previously prepared hand luggage with you,
  • take pictures of the meters in the old apartment.

Successful removal depends on its proper layout. In this matter, it is not worth leaving everything at the last minute, because it may turn out that the plethora of duties and matters to do will prevent us from changing our place of residence.

Is it worth using the help of a moving company?

Whether a person changing their place of residence decides to use the help of a moving company is an individual matter and fully dependent on him and his needs and possibilities. For anyone who does not have the time, willingness and opportunity to change the premises themselves, can use the services of this institution. The advantage of this kind of companies is the fact that they have a lot of equipment, which during the move often turns out to be necessary and definitely facilitates and streamlines the process of changing residence. Such institutions have not only qualified employees, but also transport cars and specialized tools.